New INN Town

Mayor Gary Long strives to keep the community informed and involved in the life of Fountain Inn.  You can follow along with him this year as he walks us through the many things to do and see in Fountain Inn.

Episode #1 - The Mayor visits the Younts Center for Performing Arts and speaks with Center Director
                              Van Broad and Artistic Director Zachary Pelicano. (2/3/2014) 

Episode #2  - Mayor Long talks about the secrets of Fountain Inn's oldest buidings with Chuck Ellisor at                                   the Fountain Inn History Museum. (3/9/2014)

Episode #3  Director of Community Development Diane Turner joins Mayor Long to discuss some of
                              the exciting things that downtown Fountain Inn has planned for the up coming months. 

Episode #4 -   Mayor Gary Long talks with Diane Turner about the progress on the Streetscapes project in                                     Downtown Fountain Inn