Police Department

 POLICE ALERT:    Please monitor your copper materials.  Copper is high on the list for vandalism as well a manhole covers, so please be on the look out.


A. Keith Morton
Chief of Police
Michael Hamilton

Bobby Nelson



Our Mission:
We strive for no less than excellence in all we do.

  • For every person, protection and service
  • For every circumstance, fairness, respect, and understanding
  • For every accomplishment, gratitude and opportunity
  • For every endeavor, teamwork, and professionalism
  • For every day, integrity, efficiency, and the Golden Rule  (akm - 1996)

The Fountain Inn Police Department consist of 24 sworn/certified officers, 6 Communication Specialists and Administrative Staff.  We are fortunate to have volunteers in policing (VIP's) and 5 Reserve Officers.  The men and women who proudly serve this community are well trained and committed to excellence.  We are continuously seeking ways to improve the service(s) we provide.

During 2010 we established and trained a 7 member Citizen's review Committee (CRC).  This committee's creation was partially in response to a perception that officers were trageting certain groups of residents unfairly.  In our pursuit of not only excellence but transparency, we were eager to possess a forum to demonstrate this perception as incorrect.  The CRC's function was originally to review all complaints made against employees, but their duties were expanded to include their review of "Use of Force" incidents as well.

We offer a number of programs to the community free of charge.  They include Citizen's Police Academy, Summer Camps for "At Risk" Children, Neighborhood Watch Programs, C.O.D.E., Community Service and Senior Watch.  Not only are we able to offer these programs free, but also the monies used to pay for these valuable assets are the result of fund raising efforts and not tax dollars.  We are proud that our programs have served as models for other Police Departments in SC and other States as well.

For detailed information on our programs or to volunteer to assist us in maintaining that our community as a model for others, call us at 864-862-4461 or send us an e-mail to our website at www.fountaininn.org.  We also encourage you to contact us with any suggestions to improve our services.  We are here "Protecting and Serving...You."

akm - 2010

School Supply Drive List

"Compliment A Cop".  If you know of a police officer who has gone above and beyond, please take a minute to send an e-mail to fipd1.police@fountaininn.org and share it.

Fountain Inn Police, in the Community:

Looking out for you, seniors citizens can sign up for the Senior Watch Program.  Click here for application, but call Cpl. Doug Crombie for more information at 864-862-4461.


If you are interested in obtaining a Fountain Inn Police Department patch, please e-mail your request to fipd1.police@fountaininn.org. We will mail a patch to you at the cost of $5.00 for the mailings inside the Continental United States and $10.00 for international mailing. Please make your cashiers check out to the Fountain Inn Police Department, 300 N. Main Street, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.

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Police Dept. Address

   300 North Main Street
   Fountain Inn, SC 29644
   Telephone:  864-862-4461