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The City of Fountain Inn is working on its new Comprehensive Plan, INNvision! This page provides regular updates on the project, including announcements for community engagement activities. Please bookmark this page and check in frequently to find the latest news.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan identifies a vision for a City’s future and provides recommendations for achieving that vision. It will help to guide land use policy, funding, resource decisions, and infrastructure investment for the City of Fountain Inn, its staff, and its governing bodies. The comprehensive plan is authorized by South Carolina’s Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act. It has a thirty-year time horizon, but it must be reevaluated every five years and updated by resolution every ten years.


The comprehensive plan must specifically address ten planning elements. The law leaves local governments to pursue the ten comprehensive plan elements in a way that best meets their communities’ needs. However, for each element, the law specifies that the planning process should include an inventory of existing conditions, a statement of the local government’s needs and goals and implementation strategies with timeframes.


The ten elements are:

  • Population 
  • Economic development
  • Natural resources 
  • Cultural resources 
  • Community facilities 
  • Housing 
  • Land use 
  • Transportation 
  • Priority investment
  • Resiliency 


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