Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement enforces land and property codes to ensure residents' health, safety, and general welfare. Our officer investigates various concerns such as minimum housing code violations, abandoned structures, weeded lots, abandoned and junk vehicles, and other public nuisances within the city.

Report a Concern

Report a concern anonymously online, calling us at (864) 862-4461 ext. 8592, or visiting our offices in person at 200 N Main St, Fountain Inn, SC 29644.

Before beginning the reporting process, make sure that you have a specific address for the location in question.

Complaint Process:

For every complaint that our code enforcement officer receives, there is due process to ensure compliance.

  1. Problem identified (through citizen complaint or officer detection)
  2.  A notice is delivered by the officer to the homeowner or person responsible for the property. This notice gives the responsible party 7 to 14 days to rectify the issue(s).
  3. After the 7-14 days have elapsed, a second inspection is conducted on the property.
  4. If the issue(s) are not corrected upon the second inspection, the property owner will be notified in writing about the violation detailing the city ordinance violation.
  5. 10 days after the letter is delivered there will be a final inspection, if the property is not brought into compliance, a bid goes out to contractors to resolve the issue (weed cutting, removal of the junk vehicle, etc.)
  6. The City of Fountain Inn then bills the property owner to pay for the services rendered to bring them into compliance.

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    Code Enforcement