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The City of Fountain Inn has, and always will, work with the goal of complete transparency in our governmental operations.  Agendas and minutes will be posted here as required by law. ​

Council minutes are summaries of actions Council took at the meeting and vote tallies. Council minutes or agendas not available on the website can be requested from the Municipal Clerk, Sandra Woods. Any minutes not approved by council are considered in draft form and are not final.

​​​​​​​​​​​​ Meeting Agendas


1/14/2021 Regular Meeting


12/10/2020 Regular Meeting

12/1/2020 Special Called Meeting

11/12/2020 Regular Meeting

10/29/2020 Special Called Meeting

10/08/2020 Regular Meeting

9/10/2020 Regular Meeting

Cancelled 8/13/2020 Hospitality Tax Hearing

8/13/2020 Regular Meeting

8/4/2020 Special Called Meeting

7/9/2020 Regular Meeting

6/11/2020 Regular Meeting

6/8/2020 Evaluation Committee

6/4/2020 Called Meeting/Public Hearing

6/4/2020 Evaluation Committee

5/28/2020 Budget Workshop

5/14/2020 Regular Meeting (Online Zoom Meeting)

5/7/2020 Budget  Workshop (Online Zoom Meeting)

4/30/2020 Budget Workshop(Online Zoom Meeting)

4/9/2020 Regular Council Meeting (Online Zoom Meeting)

4/2/2020 Budget Workshop (​Online Zoom Meeting)

3/23/2020 Special Called Meeting

3/12/2020 Regular Council Meeting

2/13/2020 Regular Council Meeting

1/11/2020 Council Retreat

1/9/2020 Regular Council Meeting


12/2/2019 Regular Council Meeting

12/2/2019 Installation Ceremony

11/14/2019 Regular Council Meeting

10/10/2019 Regular Council Meeting

9/12/2019 Regular Council Meeting

9/11/2019 Special Called Council Meeting

8/8/2019 Regular Council Meeting

7/11/2019 Regular Council Meeting

6/13/2019 Regular Council Meeting

6/3/2019 Special Called Council Meeting

5/28/2019 Special Called Council Meeting

5/9/2019 Regular Council Meeting

5/6/2019 Work Session

4/25/2019 Special Called Meeting

4/11/2019 Work Session

4/11/2019 Regular Council Meeting

4/4/2019 Special Called Council Meeting

3/14/2019 Council Meeting

2/21/2019 Special Called Council Meeting

2/14/2019 Council Meeting

1/10/2019 Council Meeting

1/5/2019 Special Called Council Meeting

12/3/2018 Council Meeting

11/8/2018 Council Meeting

11/1/2018 Special  Called Council Meeting

0/11/2018 City  Council

10/4/2018 Council Work Session

9/13/2018 Council Work Session

9/13/2018 City Council

8/9/2018 City Council

7/12/18 City Council