Solid Waste Guidelines

Guidelines for collection


​​​​​​REMINDER: Be sure all trash is bagged before placing in container. 

Trash Containers Service
Only one receptacle per residence, business and church will be picked up at no charge.  Each additional receptacle picked up will be charged a user fee of $96.00 per  year with a 2 receptacle limit per residence, business and church.
New Containers:  $80

Debris Pick Up
Normal Seasonal trimmings as tree limb cuttings, shrubbery, etc. will be collected by the city, if such work is done by the owner or resident and if such limbs, shrubbery, etc. are cut in not more than 6 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length and placed on a front corner of the owner’s or resident’s property near the street or public alley.  If the work is done by a commercial tree cutter, then the owner or resident must contract with the tree cutter for carrying off the limbs, cuttings, shrubbery, etc.
*If the tree limbs, cuttings, shrubbery, etc. do not meet above size and criteria, the following fees will be charged.

1 Dump Truck $45.00 per hour
3 Employees $58.00 per hour
1 Street Loader $45.00 per hour
1 Dump Trailer $25.00 per hour
The cost will be $173.00 per hour with a three (3) hour minimum for a total of $519.00 to be billed.

Recycle Materials Definitions and Guidelines​